CV Preparation and Development

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Who needs CV Preparation and Development? Maybe you don’t have a CV or you’re not sure that your CV is right for the next step in career? You’ll get a CV Development workbook, two confidential one to one sessions and be able to write the killer CV.


Do you have a great CV or the right kind of CV for the next career step you want to make?

It can be very hard to differentiate your Veterinary CV after all, clinical practice can look very uniform on a straight forward reverse chronological CV. However vets have brilliant transferable skills, so starting to think about your competencies as well as your experience is essential. No one teaches us these things though, do they?

If you want to stand out from the crowd, or want to use your transferable skills in a different field such as the animal health industry or consulting, then this service is just for you.

EMERGE Veterinary CV Preparation and Development Service is a great place to help you fine-tune your CV and make it focused on your next role, especially if you have a change in sector in mind. With over 15 years of recruiting experience in the veterinary, pharmaceutical and nutrition sectors, we can help refine your CV and help you look your absolute best on paper. We can’t guarantee you’ll get the interview or the job, but we’ll help you stand out from the crowd.

Who is the CV Preparation and Development service for?

  • Vets and nurses who don’t have an existing CV or have a CV they want to re-write.
  • People who want feedback on how their CV performs for prospective employers.
  • Veterinary professionals who want to change career direction and reshape a CV full of clinical experience for industry, academic or other non-veterinary applications.

What do I get from the CV Preparation and Development service?

  • We’ll start with a 30-minute call by phone or Skype where we’ll start to get to know you and what you’d like to achieve. We’ll explore your mindset, the sector you want to get into and the kind of role that you would like to gain with your CV.
  • You’ll get a personal CV Preparation and Development workbook, with hints and tips and a bunch of questions to help your focus your mind, clarify what you want and then start to build your new CV.
  • Once you’ve built your CV, you’ll get a second 30-minute discussion on the CV, with feedback and hints and tips to get that final polish.

How does the CV Preparation and Development Service work?

  • When you’ve paid for the service, you’ll be able to book your first 30-minute phone or Skype call.
  • If you have an existing CV, we’ll email you a bespoke link for you to send your CV and cover letter if needed.
  • We’ll provide you with the CV Preparation and Development workbook, so you get start work immediately.
  • Once we’ve had the first call, we’ll provide you with a coupon code to enable you to book your second call. You’ll need to put the homework in to build your CV, so please allow yourself enough time. Once you’re ready, you can send us the new CV and book your second call.

Once you’ve had the second call, you’ll be equipped to make any final changes, polish the CV, add a cover letter and embark on the next stage of your career

1 review for CV Preparation and Development

  1. Claire – leaving clinical practive for new sector

    When I saw a job advertised outside of veterinary practice that I really wanted I knew I would benefit from some help rewriting my CV to illustrate the skills and competencies I had acquired in practice, and how these would transfer into this non clinical role. My current CV was a long list of surgeries I had worked at and clinical skills I had developed, and I was struggling with how to illustrate and provide evidence for the ‘softer’ skills that I knew I possessed which were required for this new role. Adrian was invaluable both in advising me the best way to go about initially writing a competency based CV, and in picking out from the job advertisement the specific skills and experience I needed to highlight to have the best chance in the recruitment process. Adrian also gave me very in-depth feedback on my first drafts which was really useful – his experience in the veterinary profession means he really knows what recruiters are looking for. The effort taken to improve my CV and make it specific and relevant to the vacancy really paid off – I was offered an interview and then was delighted to subsequently get the job !

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