Veterinary CV Reading and Review Service

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Veterinary CV Reading: We’ll read your CV, provide written feedback and do a second review for you. Great if you have a Veterinary CV and want to test-drive it with someone for that final polish!

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It can be hard to differentiate your Veterinary CV. After all, we start from the same place with similar EMS experience and general spend the first few years as a clinician.

What happens then if we want to stand out from the crowd, or if we want to use our transferable skills in a different field such as the animal health industry or consulting?

EMERGE Veterinary CV Reading Service is a great place to start. With over 15 years of recruiting experience in the veterinary sector, we can help refine your CV and help you look your absolute best on paper. We can’t guarantee you’ll get the interview or the job, but we’ll help you stand out from the crowd.

Who is the CV Reading service for?

  • Vets and nurses with an existing CV, who want feedback on how their CV performs for prospective employers.
  • Veterinary professionals who want to change career direction and reshape a CV full of clinical experience for industry, academic or other non-veterinary applications.

What do I get from the CV Reading Service?

Tell us what purpose your CV is for and then send it to us. We will;

  • Read your CV and provide written feedback on content and impact
  • We’ll email you some hints and tips specific to your target role, including ideas for your cover letter
  • If you need, we’ll provide a second round of feedback once you’ve made changes to your CV and we’ll rate your new CV again.

How does the CV Reading Service work?

  • When you’ve paid for the service, we’ll provide you with a bespoke link for you to send your CV and cover letter if needed.
  • Within 5 working days, we’ll email you our written feedback and commentary.
  • For the second round of review, please allow a further 3 working days.

2 reviews for Veterinary CV Reading and Review Service

  1. Anonymous Vet applying for industry role (verified owner)

    Comprehensibly describing a skill set in a CV is something that I found a real struggle and would imagine that this feeling resonates with many veterinary professionals. Having never had to rely on a CV to get through to an interview stage, I really had no idea where to start and having written a poorly executed first draft I consulted Adrian. The CV service that Adrian provided was highly professional and by reading through my list of ‘fluffy’ competencies he encouraged me to rethink my language structure with the inclusion of examples and results creating a strong CV which I am now confident can stand up to competition within other industries. Through thinking in this way I have realised that I have many more transferable skills than I was initially aware of and would be much more confident to discuss examples of each at interview. I would highly recommend this service to anybody who is struggling to get started or who wants to ensure that their CV stands up to competition against candidates outside of our profession. Adrian’s vast commercial experience along with his friendly, non-judgemental manner make him an ideal provider of this service within our profession.

  2. Vet applying for first non-clinical role (verified owner)

    On applying for a non-clinical role, I struggled to re-write my CV using a skills-based approach. Adrian’s feedback on both my CV and cover letter was professional and very thorough. He provided suggestions on improving the language used, reframing my skills with evidence to back them up, and in particular restructuring the cover letter to ensure that the skills I was describing matched those required in the job description. His manner was non-judgemental and suggestions were combined with asking questions that made me think about what exactly the employers would be looking for and how I could make my CV stand out. Regardless of what happens now I have found this a really useful experience and would recommend to anyone in a similar position.

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