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Business Coaching

What is Business Coaching?

I’ve been in business for nearly 25 years in one way or another; as an employee of small private partnerships, as a senior manager in a global multi-national organisation with P&L level responsibility, as a Trustee of a charity and as the founder of my own business, Emerge Coaching. 

Now, as a professional business coach, I marry those years of insights, skills and commercial acumen with my business coaching skills to help you create culture, build that high-performance business and lead that team you’ve always dreamed of. 

If you need business coaching support and some of the examples below resonate with you, there is a simple 4 step approach to seeking support:

  1. Initial Chat – schedule a free chat, by phone or Zoom to explore your idea and how Emerge Coaching can help – Book your initial chat here or send me a little more detail and I’ll get back to you
  2. Get to know you – taking the idea forward, we’ll spend time getting to understand your challenges, working on your needs and crafting a potential solution that I can provide. Usually by Zoom or in-person I’ll create an initial proposal for you to consider
  3. Goal alignment and agreement – if the initial proposal is suitable, then we’ll work on a bespoke business coaching plan for your business, a timetable for coaching and the financial agreement between us
  4. Delivering the coaching plan – here we go! Whilst the impact of my coaching on your business performance is highest when we work together long term, initially we’ll work together for 3 months. We’ll track progress against goals and review how my support is received with ample opportunity to feedback. 

Do any of these scenarios resonate with you? 

Start-up Coaching

Despite the challenges we face today, NOW is a great time to start a business. Are you struggling with these kinds of issues?

  • Taking a visionary business idea and turning it into a business plan?
  • Finding funding and building a commercial proposition?
  • Communicating your idea to investors, partners and potential customers?

I work on issues like this every day with my clients and in my own business.

Drop me a line about how I can help you

Small Business Coaching

Ok, so you’re up and running as a small business, but progress is slow, the performance isn’t there yet or you’re running out of momentum. What are you doing about it? Are you trapped working in the business rather than on the business? Is busy-ness preventing you growing the business?

  • Need help staying focused on your original vision?
  • Want to build meaningful objectives and identify the key results that will get you there?
  • Struggling to find the time and mind space to design and build the next step of your grand plan?
  • Scaling up, building operational capabilities and worrying about your next hires?

I’ve supported numerous businesses to work through challenges such as these and its part of my own business planning too.

Ready for the next step – let me know what you need

Corporate Coaching

Are you part of a bigger organisation and have a local challenge to address? Are you team building, dealing with communication issues or have a project in mind but not sure how to generate lift off? Have you been promoted and struggled to transition from a manager to leadership position?

  • How do you use systems and tools to generate operational success in a larger organisation?
  • How do you motivate and engage employees, generating high performance by enabling autonomy, mastery and purpose?
  • How can you use DISC profiling to improve team communication, solve communication breakdowns or support individual development plans?
  • Trying to work out how to become the leader you need to be? 

Larger corporations often have many of the tools needed for high performance in place, however an external business coach, experienced in the corporate environment, can help with facilitation and application of these tools. I’ve coached in the corporate environment from junior employee to MD level. 

It can be lonely at the top, trying to work-out how to lead a team. Your peer support group changes and there’s often no-one to confide in or to help develop your thinking. As a business coach, I’ve been there and understand the value of having a safe space for your own development, as sounding board and a confidant.

Let me know about your specific needs and we can map out what that looks like


Do you have a specific training need? Emerge Coaching has been responsible for designing and delivering training courses such as these listed below. 

  • DISC Communication Workshops and team communication training
  • Developing confidence in your leadership role
  • How to develop a growth mindset
  • Time management and productivity hacks
  • How to help your team create and roll out a business idea using the Business Model Canvas and OKR theory


Do you need a speaker for an event, versed in numerous topics and able to deliver engaging, inspirational content to large groups? Listed below are examples of where my expertise as a vet, pet nutrition expert or performance coach has been used.

  • University teaching – pet nutrition expert, career development, practice management and coaching topics
  • Technical product launches – taking a product to market as the technical and regulatory expert
  • Commercial – product, service and commercial terms launches
  • International Congresses/Meetings – technical, commercial and coaching subjects 

Get in touch now to schedule an initial chat about business coaching

Adrian employs a deceptively successful strategy, utilising an innocent and open countenance to gain empathy, before delivering a question that spits out of the dust and into the wicket keeper’s hands before you have chance to appreciate its subtlety

Andrew* - Personal Coaching Client - 2019

Adrian helped me realise my true ambitions and to eliminate ambiguity in my thoughts.

I would highly recommend Adrian as a coach to anyone looking for guidance in their personal or career goals

Louisa* - Personal Coaching Client - 2019

I’ve gone from feeling utterly overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed to being empowered and in control. Even my sleeping patterns have been restored. Adrian’s techniques helped me stop the mental ‘spin cycle’ I was in and objectify and prioritise my business plan

Gemma* - Personal Coaching Client - 2019

Adrian is one of the most dynamic business personal coaches. With the rare dynamic of coaching and business acumen, Adrian helped me carve sense of my career, business decisions, ways of working all while nurturing my creativity and spirit.

Dominnique Karestos, CEO & Co Founder of Healthy Pleasure Collective - 2017